Behind the Seams – Summer Time, Dressing Easy

Hi there; Beauties of Summer!  So you think it’s too hot in our Sacramento environment for scarves or shawls?  Here are a couple of ‘Angel Notes’ to help you look polished and complete, even in the hottest weather.  Make sure you have added bright-colored scarves to your wardrobe: Match a scarf to your bottom (pants, shorts or skirt) wrap it around your favorite Fedora hat to add dash and style.  With long hair you can use a scarf to hold your hair up off your shoulders, and jazz it up as a top knot. If your hair is short, it’s very sexy to tie your scarf around your head with the knot on the side – add a bit more blush to your cheeks and lip color and GO!

These are great for a casual look, but if you still must have a more professional look to seal that deal – you can still ware a long scarf, just drop it down lower in front, not too close to the neck, and tie a big loose bow.  And of course, never forget you can make any scarf into a lovely belt to complement your shoes or handbag. If you are heavier in the stomach area, tie it on the side or in the back.  If you tie your scarf in the back, make sure you don’t have a lot of excess hanging down the back.

Next month I’ll go on my trips to purchase those Fall & Winter wraps, shawls and scarves. Follow us on Facebook, and visit the web sit for up-dates.  Remember our shipping >right to your door is always $4.99, or call for special delivery in the Sacramento, Elk Grove areas.

That’s all for now ‘Summer Style Beauties’ stay cool and watch for more info from Behind the Seams!

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  1. Behind the Seams: Sept. 2016
    The Wine & Cheese Shopping Event, which was held on Sept. 9th was amazing! The Ladies that stopped by and shopped, were the first to see and purchase, the newest fashions that was the result of the Las Vegas Fashion Show. The HOT Fall colors this year are olive (or some form of dark green) and mustard.
    The way to wear the ‘wrap shawl’ has increased from 7 to 16 different ways! You must see the “Ripped Wrap” it is available in Fuchsia, Mustard, Black, Charcoal, and Olive, and at $65 a steal, compared to other places. For those of you who missed this event, Where Angels Thread will be displaying their wares at the Giant Pumpkin Festival Oct. 1st & 2nd and Exceptional Women of Color (EWOC) on Oct. 8th 2016. At the EWOC Conference you can win a “Ripped Wrap”. I am giving one away as a raffle prize. That’s all for this month, Blessings & Love, Theresa L.


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