“Where Angels Thread” is a creative inspiration and a desire to give comfort to people who are ill, depressed or just needed a hug. Some of the shawls are one of a kind Pashmina shawls with special embellishment; such as peace doves, praying hands, pearls and Bible scriptures. Each of the shawls will accent your outfits, or you can use them as pool cover-ups. The ladies slippers are to give comfort and beauty, to the part of our bodies that work so hard to bear us up – our feet. Please peruse my web pages, find the area of comfort you need and place an order. 

By the way – every order enables us at “Where Angels Thread”, to give a special shawl or small blanket to someone who may need comfort due to illness or situations in their lives.

Thank you for your order,

Blessings & love
Theresa L.